I cannot believe what I just saw: The Giants are Superbowl Champs

All I know is, when I saw this catch, I thought of one thing: Endy Chavez.

Back in the World Series, the Mets' Endy Chavez made one of the most unbelievable gamesaving catches I've ever seen.  It was the kind of catch that was supposed to be a sign that things were going there way, only it never happend.

When David Tyree made this catch...  squeezing the ball against his helmet and then holding on behind his head as he fell to the crowd, I just thought of Chavez.

This was the catch that meant the Giants were going to score...  I just hoped the Giants were going to be able to follow through on what was clearly a little help from points unknown.

All I know is, the Giants are Super Bowl champs, and Eli Manning led them there.

When I was 11, I watched Scott Norwood miss a field goal.  Coulda.  Shoulda.  Last night, the Patriots had plenty of opportunities.  Coulda.  Shoulda.

Only one thing matters now.

The Giants were the last team standing and the Patriots had a very fine year at 18-1.

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