nextNY MSM News Coverage Blackout... why?hh

The other night, well over a hundred people packed Antarctica Bar to celebrate the 2 year anniversary of nextNY.  In two years, our ranks have grown to 1500 people, with probably close to 1000 different people attending our events at one time or another.

And the group is a neat story in itself.  Anyone can start an event.  There are no titles, everyone is a participant.  The listserv buzzes with questions, comments, recommendations, from a wide spectrum of tech and digital media folks in NYC...  entrepreneurs, investors, designers, developers.

And yet, no NYC based reporter has ever written about it.

I just read this Investors Business Daily article about how networking groups in L.A. are helping to put that city on the map as a tech center.  We'd love something like that.

Besides Caroline McCarthy, we never even see tech reporters at our events...  yet I always get calls from people asking me for intros to cool companies and wanting to know the latest buzz.

What gives?

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