Actually, he didn't say that at all... Anahad O'Connor totally mischaracterizes Rahm Emmanuel on Obama's auto industry stand

"When asked on ABCs This Week where Mr. Obama stood on the issue, Mr. Emanuel seemed to suggest that Mr. Obama, as a last resort, might be open to tapping the rescue fund to help carmakers, calling the auto industry an essential part of our industrial base."

Emanuel Urges Aid for Auto Industry -


Umm... Yeah, I happened to watch this morning's This Week.   George Stephanopolous pressed Emanuel over and over again to try to get him to say that Obama would use the $700 billion rescue fund for the auto industry.  Emanuel did not say that.  Instead, he clearly stated that there were other funds that had been offered, that there were other resources they could tap and that the gov't would look into options because the auto industry is really important.  However, to write the headline "Emanuel Urges Aid for Auto Industry" and to suggest that that aid is coming out of the rescue fund is totally irresponsible journalism.