I get sent an invite to SocialMinder.  The idea is something I've been wanting LinkedIn to do for ages... Let me set how often I want to speak to someone.  So, they grab my LinkedIn contacts, look for them on e-mail and tell me how long since we've spoke--nominating people for me to reach out to.  It even suggests articles for me to send them, based on company name or industry. 

It's neat, but I have a few issues:

One, this has to be on LinkedIn's near term development list.  In fact, they have this feature, to some extent, in their Outlook toolbar.

Two, the algorithm is too simplistic.  It seems to have just gone through people I talked to a bunch and then haven't talk to in a while.  There are probably reasons for that.  Most of the people if found for me left NYC or switched industries (or we broke up). 

Three, I don't like the way the trail is setup.  It gives me ten people to stay in touch with, but if I want to keep up with anyone else, I have to upgrade.  Upgrading means I have to send it to 15 people.  Instead of making my spam my friends, how about just building an AWESOME product and making it easy for me to share with my friends if I think it's any good.


Anyway... nice attempt, but just not enough there there, and they seem more concerned with spreading the word than anything else.