Subway Thumbing

I've decided to do a triathelon. Training (swim practice, rather) will commence tomorrow apparently, as I seem to have signed up for a 5 mile run. Admittedly, I thought it was a 5k when I agreed to do it, but that's fine. I've done 6 before. Plus, since I'm running with a girl, you know I'll run until my kneecaps bleed.

I really need to clean my apartment.

Tomorrow night I'll look to continue my tradition of playing pool on Thanksgiving. We finish holidays pretty early in my house. One year I called my friend and we were both like, "Whatcha up to? Nothing." He asked if I wanted to do something...I wasn't entirely sure if that was actually allowed. Do people go out? On Thanksgiving...after famiily leaves? We went to the local pool hall and it was packed. Appparently we weren't the only ones with this idea.

Man that kid has a lot of metal in his mouth. His girl is pretty cute, though. I guess she's a value investor.

Kilsy on my iPod. I wish they toured more...or wrote more. I love this girl's voice.

I can't wait for Zog floor hockey. I never really skated well enough to play ice hockey, but I'm a pretty decent goalie on foot. I guess that's kind of lame.

Woman across from me dropped her scarf on the subway car floor. She shook it out as she picked it know, as if crumbs were the only think contaminating that surface.

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Someone sent me something recently. It was really fantastic. I like getting unexpected stuff.