The need for an open library of semantic terms

The Stocktwits guys are now using a plugin to autolink your stock terms to their site.

They're not the only ones trying to make your web experience smarter, as per Fred:

"Adaptive Blue recognizes pages about things (books, music, film, stocks, wine, people, etc). recognizes posts and articles about places (neighborhoods, schools, parks, etc). And Zemanta recognizes concepts in blog posts and recommends content to add to your post."

But what about when you want these services talking to each other?  Why aren't placelinks in Zemanta and Adaptive Blue?  How can we get Path 101 links to information about careers into Adoptive Blue, so anytime someone mentions an industry, we can give you some information on it?  I'm sure ESPN would like to be the player data plugin, and hopefully there's someone out there building the data plugin for political candidates.  Does everyone have to build their own plugin? 

What about open libraries for this?  A standard format whereby anyone who wants to add a database to one of these semantic tools can easily do so, without having to strike up an extensive business development relationship.

Seems to me like Adoptive Blue should become an open platform where anyone can add their taxonomies in.  This is the difference between crawling the open web and maintaining a curated list a la Yahoo 1996--otherwise you have people's ability to keep up with the explosion in content become the bottleneck.