The Speed and Slowness of Life

Sometimes life moves faster than you can possibly imagine--like when a relationship suddenly sours. One day things seem fine and the next, every exchange is toxic and things are snowballiing out of control.

Things slow to a crawl at the worst moments sometimes. People in hospitals seem to experience time with unprecidented drag. My one hospital experience--sitting in a Bronx emergency room with 104.4 fever and Lyme Disease, seemed to take forever--even though it lasted only 36 hours so I could get my fever down. What went in the blink of an eye was the softball game I pitched directly after I got home. I'm not sure I remember any of that.

When I was little, little league at bats were so quick. II walked up and in the blink of an eye I turned around and walked back. I couldn't tell you anything about the short sequence of pitches I had just faced.

One day, I made contact finally, and everything started to slow down. I felt like you couldn't put one by me and I had enough control to place the ball into right field. I could see what used to be a blur.

Ever just lay around with someone special late on a Saturday afternoon? You move slow, but time moves fast. Doing absolutely nothing passes four hours in the blink of an eye. All of the sudden, you're amazed at what the clock is telling you. You and your significant other seem to have slipped through cracks in the space-time continuum.

If only all the rifts could be so stragtegically placed.