Biden wins, Palin beats expectations

That's what CNN said and I agree. So, hats off to the Republican party for coaching her enough to prevent her from throwing up on herself again--verbally or literally.

What was obvious to me, though is that she doesn't even come close to grasping the isses that she spoke to. Her answers were memorized and delivered in a kind of exhausitive unease reminiscent of a second grader at a spelling bee waiting for the bell to ding, and breathing a sigh of relief everytime it didn't.

What's more was that Biden, too, exceeded expectations. He started off really slow, but gathered a ton of steam as things got rolling. His answers on foreign policy were thoughtful, nuanced--exactly what our policy hasn't been the last eight years.

And when it came time to relate to the little guys, Joe actually shined. Palin's doggonnit Alaska hockey mom thing got old quickly. She used it in uncomfortable places, while on the other hand, Biden's own emotions around his family snuck up on him. His getting choked up as a parent was so genuine, and Palin didn't even seem to notice it. She was too busy repeating lines in her head to pay attention.

What was also great was when Biden called bullshit on the whole "Maverick" thing. It's been tired for a while and Joe put it to bed.

Did Biden wipe the floor with her? No. Did he prove himself to be infinately more qualifed and prepared to be VP?