Don't call it a comeback

As of this moment, they're predicting Hillary winning New Hampshire by 3% over Obama.

I don't call that a comeback.

John Edwards took 17% of the vote.  If Edwards doesn't win, who do you think most of those people are going to back?  Certainly not Hillary after his unrelenting attack on her special interest ties.

Not to mention the fact that, to get the nomination, you need to win delegates, not votes.  Clinton and Obama tied at 9 pledged delegates a piece.  There are 5 superdelegates from NH and who the heck knows how that works, but either way, it's not totally clear that Obama will not sill win the vote of the delegates from NH come convention time.

I think Edwards should just quit now, campaign for Obama, beat Hillary, and be VP and run again after.  He's certainly young enough.  Both him and Obama are both about change and they're going to need to combine forces to win.

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