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2004 is over.  I really enjoyed myself this past year and accomplished a lot...  maybe more than I've ever done now that I think of it.  I went to California twice, Florida twice, to Chicago, DC, and to Boston--the most flying I've ever done in a single year.  I kayaked and helped others to take advantage of the Manhattan waterfront.  I put 10,000 miles on my car.  I started a website for college students, and saw a mentoring program through.  I helped put together the ILPA conference in New York.  I played on a kickball team and coached a corporate softball team to a winning record.  I started blogging this year.  I was in the newspaper not once, not twice, but three times.

I met some great new people, especially at the boathouse...  Kati, Sandy, Taino, Victor, Graeme, Gretha, Claire, etc...  rediscovered some old friendships, like Pastore, Kristin, Liz, and Susie, and said goodbye to a long friendship that didn't work.  I met lots of great people through work, like Fred and Brad at Union Square, Roger at Elevation Partners (and Bono, of course!), and Gina from the State of Virginia.
So how am I going to follow 2004 up?  I won't make resolutions, but I'll through out some goals.  I'd like to open myself up to a relationship, and while that's hardly a plannable goal, I think perhaps I've had opportunities in the past to create something and I wasn't ready for it.  Stanford remains a goal, whether I get in this year or submit another application in October.  A book is a goal--hopefully I have the right topic now and I'd also like to contibute as much as I can to helping people understand this new content medium.  I've been thinking that perhaps a return to church might be a goal... which I was never averse to, but I never set aside the time to be a part of a parish commuity, so it didn't interest me without that aspect.  And, finally, I'd like to start an alumni association for Fordham's College of Business Administration, which it is lacking at the moment.  Oh yeah.. and I want to buy an apartment this year, too.  That should be enough to keep me occupied.