The Fake Reach

You know what the Fake Reach is... You've either done it or expected someone to do it.

You're out at lunch with Bill Gates. He invited you to join him to get your expertise on social media. The bill comes.

You do the Fake Reach.

You have absolutely no intention to contribute any money to this meal and all social ettiquette rules dictate that he should treat. Still, you don't want to seem too entitled or expectant, so you fake willingness to pay just to acknowledge their gesture of paying.

You wait for them to waive you off...

"No, no... I got it."

"You sure?"

"Yeah, my pleasure..."

"Oh, thanks...I got it next time."

Ever been on the other side of a date where you knew you were paying or being paid for and the Fake Reach was used?

Giselle sneaks away from Tom Brady to go to lunch with you and the bill comes for your meals. Does Giselle even carry money? What would be the point? Does she need to pay anywhere for anything?

Still, she's gotta do the Fake Reach. Lord knows, given some of the outfits she wears, where she'd even reach, but still, she's gotta reach. Otherwise, in my book, she's definitely not worth the second date. :)