Dopplr to me: Add to me! Add to me! Sigh.

I'll prob be doing a fair bit of traveling for the rest of the year.  Toby suggested I join Dopplr, which I did.

And then I sat there and stared at it.

Here's an app desperately in need of a "Find your Gmail friends on Dopplr" tool.  It wanted me to add trips, so I added one.  Nothing happened.  I thought I might find some people going up to Boston on weekend of the 15th.  Nope... nothing.

So, um... what's the point?

Don't apps need, um...  like, magic or sex or something?   Shouldn't you show something to the user to hook them?  Keep them engaged? 

Perhaps I don't know enough Web2Heads that go to all the same confereces as everyone else.