Subway Thumbing

The guy who just walked into the car has personal space
in...he's in mine.  Push off a little, buddy.  Plenty of room in this
car.  Ah, nice.  Today's the first day of normal express trains in
Brooklyn.  If Chris Angel, Mindfreak, was Mexican, he'd be the guy
behind me.  N train arriving.  Time to switch.  I'm not really into
sitting on the train in.  I'll be sitting all day.  I don't need to be
sedentary for another 45 minutes.  We havent left the station yet.  The
train is silent.  No a/c, no motor noises.  No announcements.  Just the
deep voice of the conductor, not over the PA system, but outside  the
doors on the platform talking to a customor.  Its the last two weeks in
August and the trains are showing it.  Pretty empty.  I could still sit
if I wanted to.  I need to break today up into bite sized chunks, so I
can be really efficient.  I have a Facebook app to finish the spec for
(consulting project) and I need to finish up the syllabus for my class,
which starts two weeks from Thursday actually.  I need to move to
another car...or I'll be soaked by the time I get to work.  Perhaps
that's why this car is so empty.  I wonder if it is every car. Yup.
Every car.  Dammit.  What are Windorphins?  I guess this is effective
advertising, because now I'm curious and I want to go to their site.
Ok, I felt a little bead of sweat roll down my back.  Its hot in here.
Its official.  There's now a guy lying down asleep on the floor of the
car at the end.  I dont think he was there when I walked in.  No one
around him seems the least bit troubled by it.  Some guy went over to
him and nudged him.  He's awake.  This little girl sitting by me has an
old school baby doll with a plastic head.  Someone has played tic tac
toe on the baby's head in blue ball point pen, several times.  Man its
hot in here.  When I commutted to high school, you could open up window
vents on the B trains. This baby has a thumb sucking feature and eyes
that roll back.  The kid has just discovered a hole in the back of the
baby's pink onesie, which she conveys to her mom in spanish.
Ah...there is a window vent.  I didnt notice that before.  I just went
over to open it.  Funny enough, it requires two people to open it
because of where the latches are.  This guy next to it was all to happy
to oblidge, as if he'd been scoping aid for the last few minutes
himself.  Finally,the car just got noticeably cooler.  Did I do that
with the window?  If we elected a mayor of this car, I'm sure I'd win.
Me and my Passenger of Action campaign would handily defeat the dude
who kicked the sleeper.