I have two Product Management/Strategy jobs in NYC

I've recently been asked to seek out two people for two really interesting jobs.

One is a very interesting position with a company developing mobile apps that already has a solid base of users... they're looking for someone to be a thought leader for developing and detailing new ideas for what kind of applications they should be developing.  I call it a Mashup Manager, because you'll need to be able to read a lot of APIs and figure out what interesting data sources you can tie into, how to work with what the carriers give you, etc.   A couple of years experience in a product related position (not necessarily mobile) and a good perspective on the youth market would be helpful.

The other job is an interactive strategy position for a company in the cable space...  helping dumb pipes get smart, create value for customers using new technology.  The great thing about this position is what whatever you implement/recommend could find its way into millions of homes!  Let's call this position Cable 2.0.

If you want to send over a resume and various links to your digital spaces, send them to my gmail account.  charlie (dot) odonnell (at) gmail (dot) com