Yesterday's Bike Tour

I had a meeting with my friend Angela who runs Sarah Lawrence's career counseling office yesterday morning and decided to bike up to Bronxville.  Later on that day, I had to be back down to Fordham Lincoln Center, and then on the Upper East Side for dinner.  In total, I did about 60 miles.

The early morning bike up to Bronxville was quite nice, although Kimball Avenue in Yonkers is a steep uphill climb at parts.  There was one glitch, though.  I got another flat... this time at 8:15, before bike shops are open, around 14th and the East River.  Instead of twiddling my thumbs, I decided to hop on the subway with the bike up to the Upper East Side to the bike shop on 88th/Lex to make up for lost time and catch them right at opening.

I was leisurely taking photos on the way up, but cut that short when the flat held me up.  Still, I got some cool photos along the way:






Pugsley's is a Fordham favorite and I was dying for a chicken roll, but I forgot they were closed for the summer, so I headed out to Arthur Ave to Full Moon...