Birthday Steak... Suggestions?

My best friend Brian, who I know since t-ball the summer before first grade, and I take each other out to steak for our respective birthdays and also job promotions and such--a tradition we've been doing for the last few years.   

So far, between us, we've been to the following places:

  1. Del Frisco
  2. Ben Benson
  3. Ruth's Chris (Charlie)
  4. Morton's (Charlie)
  5. Sparks (Charlie)
  6. Smith and Wollensky's (Brian)
  7. Strip House
  8. Gallaghers (Charlie)
  9. Angelo and Maxie's (Charlie)
  10. Peter Lugars
  11. Palm
  12. Old Homestead
  13. Michael Jordan's (lunch)
  14. Wolfgang's

We're looking to go somewhere Friday that we've both never been...  suggestions on short order?