Stop #3 - Ithaca, NY

After the HOF, we drove a few more miles and stopped in Ithaca, NY at the Amazing Grace Bed and Breakfast.  Alicia was a wonderful host and if you stay, make sure she makes you some of her German bread.  May very well be the best bread I've ever had in my life.  The house has some neat grounds around it as well.  You're basically living in her house, though, so I wouldn't necessarily recommend it for young couples.  :)  Still, the tradeoff for that breakfast...   pretty close call.  (I'm going to get in trouble for that one.)

Picture 059

Picture 060

Picture 063

At the recommendation of Eric, we met up with Jofish while in Ithaca as well. 

Picture 073

Picture 072

Not only did that make for some interesting conversation, lucky for us, he insisted that we stop by one of Ithaca's waterfalls.   I'm so glad we did.  Check these out!

Picture 086

Picture 078

I'll catch up on Cleveland, Louisville and St. Louis next time...