Wrapping up the trip recap... San Fran Siblings

Only a couple more stops to go to wrap up my recap.

After Petaluma, we stayed in San Francisco to meet up with Mere's siblings, and hangout with Toby and Brooke, too.

Picture 741

@ptrain's siblings.

Picture 745

I can't speak for Mere, but they're my fave couple that we hangout with... Love the matching shirts!

Picture 738

I can haz nap now?

Picture 735

View from Amy's apt.

Picture 725


Picture 726

Driving the Europod down Lombard St.

Picture 733

Did I ever tell you about my special talent?  I took this picture.  In fact, many of the pictures I have where its just me and another person up close, I took.  I have a knack for flipping the camera around and holding out my arm in a way that makes it look like someone else took it.  In fact, my aim may be better when I'm not actually looking.