Stop #10 Yellowstone pics and videos.

I'm a little bit bleery eyed from not sleeping on the redeye last night, so yes, these are out of order.  Don't know how Redeye VC does it.

We got to spend a day and a half in Yellowstone on our trip and it was really amazing.  We came in through the east entrance via Rt. 16 and stayed at the Grant Village Hotel.  The accommodations were simple but sufficient.  Then, the next day, we spent the whole day working our way north, seeing geysers, waterfalls... all sorts of natural phenomena.  One thing I didn't know about Yellowstone is that the whole thing is sitting on a very thin layer of the earth's crust... making it a haven for hot springs, boiling mud pools, etc.  The springs spew minerals of all sorts of different colors making for some amazing formations.

So, here goes...   First, this is one of the first things we saw when we came into the park.  A Buffalo came perilously close to the EuroPod:

Picture 418
Picture 413
Picture 403
Picture 370
Picture 393
Picture 363
Picture 334
Picture 329
Picture 320
Picture 352
Picture 323
Picture 326
Picture 332
Picture 341
Picture 407

We missed Old Faithful by 5 minutes, but caught this other guy just in time:

Picture 388