Heading down the coast... SF Saturday night

I'm sorely behind in my tripblogging, mostly because we have such a packed schedule that I didn't really leave time for blogging (good to see I have at least one priority in order...).  However, my pics are mostly up to date here.

Just wanted to let Bay Area folks know that we'll be planting ourselves somewhere for drinks in SF on Saturday night, most likely in the North Beach area... I'd guess around 9ish.   Would love to catch up with blog friends, real friends, etc...

In the meantime, thanks to Drew and Dave from Zillow for inviting Mere and I to Lunch 2.0 yesterday.  It's sort of like a Tech Meetup only its kept to 50 and held in someone's office during lunch, obviously.  Zillow's got a really impressive operating going (and a sah-weet view) and the Seattle tech scene is really buzzing.