Stop #9 - Wyoming: Big, Beautiful, and Square

One of my best friends is from Wyoming and she's always tried to get me out there.  Well, Deirdre, I finally got to see it, even if it was without you and after your fam has moved away... better late than never. 

I have to say, I was totally missing out.  July 5th was our big driving day (I'm  a few days behind in posting)... 11 hours from KC to Sioux City to Sundance, Wyoming.  Sundance, just so you know, isn't where the film festival is.  That's in Park City, Utah, for some reason. 

Anyway, by the time we got out there, we were dead tired.  That's what made the surprise jacuzzi so perfect.  We stayed in this great little cabin with a jacuzzi on the front porch.  Every day of driving should end with a jacuzzi. 

In the morning, we played in the fields and hills around the cabin, and then went off to see Devil's Tower.

Picture 264

Picture 278

Picture 284

Picture 286

Picture 273

Well, this answers the question of whether the shirt I'm wearing right now as I blog this was clean or dirty when I pulled it out of the suitcase.  Oh well.

Picture 268

The EuroPod (which is what I've been calling our Tribeca because of its bizzare design) and our cabin.