Business Tools for One

I've been really fortunate.  Since I announced the fact that I was leaving, a bunch of interesting projects and conversations have come up.

And I've been keeping them all on a Google spreadsheet.

That's ridiculous... but does anyone else have any other solutions?

Basically, I want the Salesforce-like ability to attach e-mail conversations to people.   I could actually get Salesforce, but I didn't really like it.  Plus, I don't think I can attach e-mails to people unless it's with Outlook, and I've been using Gmail a lot lately.   Do any consultants use Salesforce just for themselves?  Anything else useful? 

LinkedIn's Outlook plugin doesn't quite do it, because I can't add any info to it.  I may owe someone an e-mail, but I may have a reason to wait, which I can't add.

And while we're on the subject of Google apps, why on earth doesn't Gcal provide IMAP compatibility so I can sync it with my Mobile phone or Outlook cal?   This is a nobrainer and I think a ton of business folks would convert to Gcal fulltime if they could add and view appointments using their mobile phone. 
Anyway, it just amazes me how, once you get out of the Outlook/Salesforce world of enterprise focused apps, how poor the tools are for organizing the professional lives of individuals are.