I just don't know what to say about the Mets.   Finally, David Wright starts hitting and the rest of the team completely stops.

And I guess Joe Smith realized he was Joe Smith, too.

But back to back to back home runs.  Dude...  Baseball 101.   If two guys hit home runs on you on two pitches, the next guy gets one right in the mouth.  Frankly, after you give up one, you should always throw behind the next guy. 

Somehow, we're still two up on the Braves, with the Phillies just three behind.

This team better start turning things around, especially now that the Yanks are winning.  If, at any point, the Yanks have a better record than the Mets this season, I think I'm going to blow chunks.

And Pedro isn't the answer either...  its not the pitching... they're not hitting.  They need to get Alou back and figure out how to hit in the clutch.

PS... I played softball last Friday night and the guy on the other team looked exactly like Pedro Cerrano.   I yelled out "Hats for Bats" from the outfield, but I don't think anyone got it.