Hudson River Office Hours: Kayaking Starts Saturday

I absolutely love the opportunities this blog and nextNY have afforded me to meet lots of interesting and passionate people in NYC.

The problem is, I never have time to meet all of them... and when I do, it seems to be all of them at once, and I can't sit down for more than two minutes at a time with someone.

....except during the summer, where I aften spend endless amounts of time completely available to anyone...   anyone who'd like to go kayaking anyway.  (Or if you just want to hangout by the water, but that's no fun...)

Yup, kayaking season is starting again at the Downtown Boathouse this Saturday.  We have three locations:  Pier 40 (by Houston St.), Pier 96 (W56th St) and 72nd St. in Riverside Park.

Picture 066

This summer, I'll be manning the one down at Pier 40 almost every Saturday, and most Sundays, too.    We open at 9AM and the last boat generally goes out at 5:30, but since we're all volunteers, that's sort of flexible.   This Saturday, though, I'll be out there at 9AM sharp if anyone would like to go for a paddle or just hang around the dock.  I'll probably stay until 3PM.

So if you want to talk shop, talk kayaking, talk about the Mets, or just say hi, you're welcome to come by anytime!