I am a feed.

I am negotiated lunches.

I am softball invites.  I am blog reading clickthroughs.  I am del.icio.us saves.   

I am multiple daily e-mails to Mere.  I am last.fm plays. 

I am IM. 

I am blog posts.  I am book purchases.  I am Fresh Direct orders.  I am tech spec changes tracked.  I am live fantasy baseball updates. 

I am boathouse photos.  I am biking times.  I am trailers watched.  I am phonecalls to Nana.

I am nextNY join requests.  I am EZ Pass withdrawls.  I am sunny forecasts. 

I am concert tickets by e-mail.  I am Regis Business Network listserv responses.  I am NYSC ID scans.  I am paycheck deposits and mileage card purchases. 

I am electric bills.  I am bits transferred. 

I am a feed.