Sen. Schumer being treated for Lyme... softball in his future?

Noticed this story on how Sen. Chuck Schumer contracted Lyme upstate....   it was sent to me by one of my teammates on my softball team, which is aptly named: Four of Us Had Lyme Disease.

In fact our jersey has a tick in the O...

Four Of Us Had Lyme Disease

Just wanted to let Sen. Schumer know that he is absolutely welcome to throw out the first pitch at any of our upcoming games (or play a few innings, if he’d like).   The great thing about the acronym is that it scales...  allowing for “FIVE of us...”

Here's our schedule, Senator...


5/30    Wed    8:45pm    Col. Charles Young #3
6/5    Tues    7:45pm    Asphalt Green #2
6/17    Sun    6:30pm    CP North Medow #2
6/20    Wed    7:15pm    Riverside 107th #6
6/26    Tues    7:45pm    Asphalt Green #1
7/11    Wed    6:15pm    Col. Charles Young #3
7/18    Wed    6:45pm    Riverside Park #8*
7/26    Thurs    5:45pm    Roosevelt Island

And yes, I was one of the four.