There's a fine line between brilliant and idiotic: I may have just crossed it with this contest

Did you know that today was Abstinence Day?

Yeah, no kidding.

Well, to celebrate, we came up with a contest for Voki.

Basically, you go to Voki, create an account, then send your sexiest avatar over to

Here are some ideas for the kind of thing we're looking for:

  1. Describe your steamiest encounter... (or imagined encounter, for those of you who are waiting for wedding bells)
  2. Long distance love?  Send us a note for them that will help pass the time until your next encounter.
  3. Tell us your sexual fantasy.
  4. Fake an orgasm...or...don't fake it!  (Does abstaining pertain to when you're on by yourself in front of a computer?)
  5. Tell us about your secret sex crush!

Yeah, this is the kind of thing where if it gets 20,000 new users, it's brilliant... or if you get fired, maybe it wasn't such a good idea.

But sex sells, right?