Dear Sprint, I would like to buy a PPC-6800. Please sell me one.

Now that I'm back on my Treo 650, I long for the days of Windows Mobile, wide, slide-out keyboards, and ActiveSync.   I miss my PPC-6700.  :(

But alas, there is hope.  A slimmer new model is on the way...   and I want it.

The problem is, no one at Sprint seems to know when it is coming out.  All the bloggers seem to know that it's in May, and someone even went as far as to say May 14th.  So why can't the telesales people pre-order it for me right now?  Heck, they could even charge my card now?  I just want it.

With a couple thousand blog readers and an upcoming trip across the country, I think I'm a prime candidate to be at the top of the list of people Sprint wants this phone in the hands of, no? 

So why is getting this thing so hard and why are the people trying to sell it so poorly informed.

Last year, the PPC-6700 was released to business users before the general public.  Perhaps the same thing will happen this year? 

I want my 6800!!

Hell, I'll even sign a two year contract to get it.