What's next for Twitter?: 5 possible directions for everyone's favorite SMS crack

Now that Twitter has been spun off into its own company, and the team there is hustling to keep up with scaling, you gotta figure we'll here a funding announcement sometime soon.  It's not like Twitter is free to run.  All these SMSs are costing the company money everyday.

First off, who are the likely VCs... or rather.. where would the money come from?  Sometimes, when deals are this hot, you almost expect them to take money from some completely unexpected source.  I could see all these bigshot Valley VCs marching in trying to throw endless amounts of money at the company at ridiculous valuations (you know, because of that big hockey stick) and I imagine that's probably somewhat of a turnoff.  (Hopefully anyway.)   I wouldn't be surprised if you see a big band of angels get together and pony up a million dollars to solve scaling issues and get this thing scalable.... and if that's the case, Calcanis would be all over it.  As it is, he wants to pay for a premium level of the service.  Plus, given is "Entreprenuer in Action" role at Sequoia, whatever that means, he certainly has a connection to deeper coffers if they so desire.  Sequoia would also be a prime candidate because of the Google funding, and Google bought Evan William's first big success, Blogger, so I'm sure there are probably some connections there. 

Ok, so once the money gets raised, what are the likely things that Twitter goes off and becomes?