nextMadisonAve: A Free nextNY Community Conversation on the Future of Digital Advertising

With Microsoft now rumored to be buying 24/7 Real Media, the arms race is at full throttle.  For nextNYer's, the question of "Where will I be working in five years if I want to work in online advertising?" becomes more interesting everyday. 

I'm sure these topics will be covered at the Future of Online Advertising conference, but if you don't have a $995 to drop and you're looking for something a little more conversational, check out nextMadisonAve, next Wednesday, May 9th, at 6:30PM (22 West 27th Street Bet. Broadway/6th - 6th Floor).

nextNY's "Community Conversations" are done in the round (or rectangle, if we're in a conference room) and are an open forum for discussion for the up and coming members of NYC's digital media and technology market.  We invite prominent thought leaders to help lead the conversation, but they're very participatory.

So, if you want to meet with other digital media entreprenuers and professionals to talk about where the advertising and technology market is converging (other than in investment banker wallets) please join us! RSVP Required on our wiki (just click edit and add your name).

Also, if you know of anyone you think would make a great conversation leader for this event, we have some outstanding invites, but I think we'll have an additional slot or two open.  Please let me know at