Incubate This!

There is lots of debate as to what the bottlenecks for innovation are in NYC.  Space.  Cost.  Money.  Professional services with startup knowhow...     And one approach at solving this is the incubator.

Ahhh, yes... the incubator. 

Because there's nothing better than a machine that grows babies, chickens, and startups. 

But seriously, what exactly does an incubator do and where are they in NYC?

One thing that really struck me was that, when I was at USV, incubators didn't seem to get prominent attention in the startup world.  I found them tough to locate and I wasn't always aware of what was going on in them.

I'm curious about people's experiences with incubators and if there isn't something that can be done to elevate awareness about them here in NYC.   

Here are a few that I know of, but would like to know more about:

NYSIA Incubator

NYU Stern Incubator
Polytechnic Incubator
Second Century (Pace)

Perhaps it is worth doing some kind of nextNY event where reps from all the incubators can get together and just tell people what they're all about?

If you've been involved with one of these, you should join nextNY, b/c we're a group that really wants to know about these sorts of things and could be where you get your future tenants.