Mets up, Yanks down... See how everything evens out for me?

The Mets are in first and the Yanks are in last.

Really, would you have it any other way?

The Yanks have already had nine different pitchers start games, including Darrel Rasner, Jeff Karstans, and Chase Wright.



You know what the best part of this is?  The Yankee MVP and frankly, the MVP of the whole baseball universe was A-Rod.  He's batting .355 with 14HR and 35 RBI after 23 games.   In 1968, I think that might have qualified for the Triple Crown. 

Everyone makes such a big deal about Captain Derek Jeter, but for my money, A-Rod is the best shortstop on the team.  Captain Derek wouldn't come to A-Rod's side last year when Rodriguez was struggling and he added to preseason controversy by saying a chilly "We get along on the field" or some garbage like that.  Derek, I think it's time for you to embrace the guy who is carrying your patchwork overpaid team on his shoulders.

Jeez...  How's that Kris Benson trade looking now?  John Maine is 4-0 with a 1.35ERA.   In fact, the Mets have a team ERA of 2.74.

No Bradford?  No problem.  Submariner Joe Smith hasn't given up a run yet.

Ya gotta believe... in April.