Well Pitched Games, New and Secret Jamba Flavors and Gmail Spam

Hmm...  maybe he is King Felix after all.   12 k's in 8 scoreless... not half bad.  Better than Curt Shilling, who is not only on my fantasy team, the Jesuit Ultimatum, but he's blogging, too.   Here's his pitch by pitch blog account of his subpar KC performance.

Gotta love the one comment:

"Hey Curt, you really bogged down my fantasy team man. Let’s get a better performance out there next week, maybe get some more K’s too. Atta kid."

I'm sure that's what drives Curt Shilling...  fantasy stat lines.

So, yesterday, I confirmed the existence of  secret Jamba Juice flavors.  I leaned over the counter and quietly asked for a White Gummy Bear.  They quickly jumped over to my side, throw a black bag over my head, hit me in the knees with a pipe and dragged me downstairs to a dimly lit room.  After several hours of painful interrogation, they finally gave me the yummiest smoothie I've ever had there, until this morning.  This morning, I noticed two new flavors in the Fruit only menu... peach and pomegranate.   The pomegranate is fantastic.

Oh, and by the way...   hey Gmail... when I click "report spam", that means I never ever want to get mail from that sender...ever.   And shouldn't it get smarter the more I click "Report Spam".  I get a bunch of Euromillions spam and "Dear Sir, please send me your bank account number" scams.