Green NYC?

So Mayor Mike is trying to get the city to go green by instituting the same kind of anti-congestion tax that is currently in place in London, where cars are charged for entrance into the heart of the city during peak hours. 


Try driving in the city during rush hour.  That's why.

Hey, I'm a car owner in the city and I'm the first one to say that this is a great idea.  We all need to be using public transportation more...  cars are bad for the environment...  and the city is too crowded.  Some people are saying that this tax will hit the working class, but you know what?  The working class takes the subway.  The only people I know who drive into the city during rush hour are the rich suburbanites.  Stand outside a midtown parking lot during rush hour in the morning and look at the cars...  they're Porches, Mercedes, etc...   No family Trucksters here.   I'm all for it.  Bike to work!

Also, friends of mine who work for various political campaigns are saying on good authority that Bloomberg has decided to run for President in 2008.  I hope so.  I love anti-politicians, and he's not some old money rich guy... he's an entrepreneur... a self made guy.  What he lacks in personality, he makes up for in business savvy and I think its about time someone starts running this country with a little logic and practicality.   I'd vote for him.