Add my PPC-6700 to Charlie's list of things lost, stolen, or broken

Ok, since I joined USV in February 2005, I've...

Broken two Treo 650's.

Had a Canon S500 stolen.

Dropped a Fisher C-1 in the Hudson River.

Had my bike stolen.

Had my car roof and one tire slashed.

Had a power source blow out on my new computer HP Media Center.

Finally had my old computer die out on me.

Lost my baseball glove.

Had my first PPC 6700's USB port break, rendering it unchargable.

Well, today, add my replacement PPC 6700 to that list.  It was stolen, along with several other phones of ZogSports football players, from Riverbank State Park on 138th/Riverside Drive.  When I went back to tell the ref, she already had two or three other phones on her list.  Later on, I called my phone, and some guy picks up and says he wants 100 bucks for the phone back.  Right, like I'm going back up to 138th street with a 100 bucks cash at night to buy my own phone back from a guy who won't just return it.  I told him to drop it off at the police station, leave his contact info, and I'll make sure he gets a $100 reward.  He wasn't up for that, and so I wasn't up for showing up to get my phone.  I'll talk the loss, thanks. 

So, tomorrow, I'll be going back to my slightly glued together Treo 650, quite unhappily.