Hold the phone... WeeWorld Survey Cracks the Avatar Code: Stats reveal why Gen Y likes avatars

"82% of respondents noted having an avatar “because it is fun,” while 66% also noted a key driver was “because it’s a cartoon version of myself""

Man... that's just so amazingly insightful...  People like avatars because they are fun and because they are cartoon versions of themselves.  Wow.

I mean... wow.

I gotta hand it to the WeeWorld folks...  the survey they just released really sheds some light on why people like avatars.  And here we were making avatars that were NOT fun and ones that looked like OTHER people.  Well, shit... now we've got to push back this week's Voki launch and rebuild the whole damn thing from scratch.  At least we saved ourselves from a lot of embarrassment.

Also discovered in this survey... 

  • 100% of WeeWorld users also use the internet.
  • WeeWorld users win coin flips about 50% of the time.
  • 0% of WeeWorld users are time-travelers.
  • 100% of WeeWorld users have answered survey questions before.

I guess that's what you do when you have $15 million sitting in the bank... you pay PR firms to makeup surveys.

Next week:  WeeWorld surveys its users on whether or not they like cheese.