What's the Standard?

"Every other day

Another bitch another drop"

- This is Why I'm Hot - MIMS (#1 Rap Song in America This Week)

“... A victory for public decency. No one should use the public airwaves to transmit racial or sexual degradation.”

- Rev. Jesse Jackson  on the firing of Don Imus

"When it come down to these hoez
I dont love em....
...And anything fine im bag-gin it
And if she got a man, I dont care...
...Now the moral of the story is cuff yo chick"

- I'm a Flirt - R. Kelly (#2 Rap Song in America)

"...We cannot afford a precedent established that the airways can commercialize and mainstream sexism and racism."

- Rev. Al Sharpton commenting on the Imus Situation

I just want to know what's ok to say and when... that's all...