To Beta or Not To Beta

So here's a question...

Voki launches next Wednesday and the question came up...  Beta logo or no?

Here are three good reasons for it and three reasons against it, but I'd love to hear your feedback.


  1. The product is new and sure to have a few bugs and require some immediate changes.  The "Beta" label lets people know that they're using the first public version and a few things might need to get updated/fixed... sets expectations.
  2. The idea of a perpetual beta is a good philosophy, because it implies continuous development.
  3. Says that we're not done and expect more functionality in the m0nths to come.


  1. "Beta" isn't really accurate.  If it is public and anyone can use it, its not really your Beta... its your product.  Public Beta is a contradiction in terms.
  2. Beta isn't an excuse and shouldn't be used as one.  If something doesn't work, you fix it as soon as possible.   You always innovate with new features...  and labeling something a beta doesn't get you off the hook for anything, let alone any sympathy from users.
  3. Beta is sort of a passe terminology... almost a little bit of a cliche now... totally overused by Web 2.0

What say you blog readers?  To beta or not to beta?