1 Down, 99 to Go... Mets Win Opener Behind Glavine

Its great when you can score 6 runs without hitting the ball hard more than once all night.

A few thoughts:

Glavine should win at least 15 games this year....     He looked real sharp, especially with the change.

Moises Alou looked pretty good.. hustling around the basepaths, taking an extra on an aggressive play. 

Kind of ballsy to bring out Joe Smith in the 8th there.  Talk about trial by fire for the sidearming rookie.   Did Willie think that was Chad Bradford?   That should have been Heilman's spot all the way. 

I'm concerned about David Wright.  He had a weak 2nd half last year and he grounds the ball around the infield a lot, instead of driving the ball.  I'm afraid we're going to see him at .210 after April, but I hope I'm wrong.