Celebrate International Women's Day By Linking to Five of Your Favorite Female Bloggers

I didn't even know it was International Women's Day today until someone told me.  I think women need an RSS feed or something, so the community of people who are interested in women can stay more up to date.   :)

To celebrate, I'm going to link to my favorite female bloggers:

danah boyd (apophenia) - I heart every word danah puts out onto the web.  Call me a fanboy, but she's thinking about our digital lives and how we reflect them on the web as much as anyone, and even if I disagree with her, which I rarely do, I respect her passion for young people.

Shri Mahesh (Almost as Good as Chocolate) - Shri was the former VP of Product for eBay and has been a great mentor and more and more, a friend.  She's a relatively newbie blogger.

Rachel Strate (Wasatch Girl) - Utah VC Rachel is finally blogging.  After appearing on MyBlogLog months and months ago, tipping me off to her dominance of the most unlikely of niches - female VC analyst in Utah - I'm glad to see she's finally taken the blogging plunge.  She also blogs over here about her exploits as a secret agent on the side... jumping out of planes and rock climbing.

Sarah Tavel (Adventurista) - More VC females...  and a nextNYer to boot!  Don't let the Rugby photo on her page fool you, though... she's won't tear your head off, especially not if you read her blog.  She knows a lot about the SaaS market, which is great for her firm... you may have heard of them... Bessemer Venture Partners.  They did this Skype thing...

Equity Private (Going Private)
- My favorite anonymous blogger.  She works as a VP at some boutique private equity fund somewhere... and a recent run-in with some motor vehicles nearly did in her blogging (and her), but fan support seems to have kept her going and I'm glad, because she's whip smart and keeps me in touch with the buyout market, which I would have otherwise long since forgotten about. 

Elise Bauer (Learning Moveable Type and Simply Recipes) - Elise's MT blog basically taught me how to create havoc with my templates.  Thankfully, I've had much more success with her recipes.   She is truly a jack of all trades, as she's also very accomplished in aikido.

Joanne Wilson (Gotham Gal) - I have to admit, I've been a bit lazy with Joanne's recipes, because I got used to those cookies showing up at USV.  Now, I've got to make my own instead...  boo.  I also like her takes on parenting social network savvy kids...   because I often find myself in this conversation with a lot of people about the lines between controlling, monitoring, and just being in touch with what your kids are doing with their time.

Hmm... this post is getting too long, but I've got more...   good problem to have I guess.  Shoutouts to advertising bloggers Stephanie Rogers and Ann Handley.  I'm sure I left someone off...