Luck of Seven

Often times, I find myself coming up short when it comes to being involved in other people's stuff.

I involve a lot of people in my own stuff...  650+ people have joined nextNY, but the number of nextNYers whose groups and efforts I can get involved in... well... it always makes me feel like I'm coming up a bit short.   I find myself saying, "Wow... ok, I knew you were doing something, but I didn't really have the time to see what it was."

So, today, I'm playing catch up...   My "late to the party" entry for today is on noneck Noel Hidalgo's "Luck of Seven" journey.

In his words:

"for seven months, he will traverse the seven continents, dive into the
seven oceans, and attempt to visit the seven ancient wonders of the
world. Using a wiki, noneck will harness the collective knowledge of the globe, and report weekly on seven topics of freedom."

Ok, if there's anyone I've ever met that I could say is a "character", Noel is definitely, one of them... but the thing that makes me have enormous respect for him about is that he strives to learn.... to learn from those who have very diverse perspectives. 

So, whatever Noel learns on his trek, I think we're all going to benefit a lot from that.  He is a connector of ideas.  I've noticed lately that a lot of people I've really enjoyed getting to know are in some way connected to him, even loosely... and so I'm wondering if maybe he's onto something.

He's raising money for his trip...  $11.11 from 700 people.  Get it now?  It's all about the 7's.   He's also leaving on 7/7/07.   

He's trying to get 200 people by March 29th... and to me, spending $11.11 to send someone off to learn from people outside of our little NYC bubble and blog and wiki and vlog it for the world seems like $11.11 well spent.   I encourage you to help him out.