Be Part of Voki... Contribute a photo

Have you ever wanted to help create a web app, but don't know how to code, like me?  :)

Well, now you can get a lasting contribution into what is sure to be one of the most popular web applications around.  *I hope*

Our consumer avatar product, Voki, which will be launching soon, allows users to upload their own backgrounds to their avatar scenes or select from a stock file.

We've populated the stock files with some of our own images taken by people in the office when they go on trips and such.  It's sort of neat to see people using your photos on their webpages with a speaking character in front of them... in a photogeek kinda way.

So, I figured I'd open it up...     If you have a photo that you wouldn't mind people using as a "stock" background for their avatar scenes in Voki, just tag it "vokiphotos" in Flickr.   Please, no shots of people, nude people, etc...  We'll use stuff that seems "backgroundy".   Nature photos, city photos, pictures of rooms... basically spaces that people would want to be...  or completely funky stuff that just looks cool even though you don't know what it is.... all acceptable.

By tagging your photos, you agree that we will be using them as part of a commercial product and you will not retain any rights whatsoever over the usage of those photos in Voki.  We will not specifically sell your photos directly... just add them to the pool of free photos available to all.

Here's what we have so far.