Twitter is awesome, and it sucks... 5 reasons on both sides

So Twitter is all the rage at SXSW and I have to say, after being totally bored with it up until I got here, I've been Twittering like a fiend.

And, because of the SXSW buzz, I'm sure some VC  who has never used it will want to throw 10 million dollars at it.

So I get it now, and I think it can be great, but I can also see going back home from SXSW and never using it again.   So, basically, it's too early to tell, but here are 5 arguments on both sides. 

Twitter rocks because...

  1. Most importantly, it provides others access to me that I control.  Facebook demonstrated the importance of this over its Newsfeed blowup.  Privacy is huge.  I'm happy to give someone my Twitter name, because I can choose to stop getting their texts, and frankly, I don't much care if they still get mine.  I control their affect on my SMS inbox, which I wouldn't if I was giving away my phone number for texting.  Plus, allowing them to text me shouldn't allow them to call me... that's just braindead simple.
  2. Twitter is to UPOC as is to Third Voice.  There was a great article written by the creator of Third Voice that talked about how seemingly small architecture changes, like foldering vs tagging, and defaulting to public vs private, made a huge impact on the ultimate fate of Third Voice and  I look at Twitter the same way.  There's already a group SMSing service out there