Three years ago today, I started blogging...

My blog has a post on February 8th, 2004, but actually, I really didn't "get it" until April 8, 2004, when I left a comment on VentureBlog... my first blog comment on the blog of someone who was doing this as a somewhat professional exercise.  Up until then, I didn't know that anyone was blogging anything other than relationship issues and their trips to Cancun. 

I was just looking for a reason to keep writing...  because I had written a book for college freshmen that never really went anywhere because it never got published.  One day, I'll e-book it or something. 

Who knew what it would turn into.

I don't know the best way to celebrate a blogiversary, so I'll just do some highlights from the last year of blogging... my favorite posts and some red letter days.

So, let's see....

I changed jobs...  that was probably the biggest thing.

Starting nextNY was huge, too, but that was sort of an accident.  I'm very lucky to have met all the people I have from this group.  Watch out for these people this year... I think they're primed to make a very big impact on NYC.

I broke up with televisionThis post was funny, but only I seemed to think so.  This one, too.  Kerri and I got attacked by a bird at USV.

I shorted Second Life.

I debunked Guy's quiz...  funny, b/c I'll be seeing him at CommunityNext on Saturday.

I started teaching a class at Fordham, encorporating these how-to intro posts.

I pondered MySpace Tom's death, too...  but people seemed more interested in the bird video.

We gave $550 to charity for the Superbowl Wiki...  that felt good, as did my Christmas plan.

Oh and the Pillow Fight was fantastic.

So thanks everyone...   I appreciate your comments, links, feedback... and offline or digital friendship.  May your startups succeed, your posts get tagged and your Voki speak highly of you...soon, very soon.