...or the ads just royally sucked.

But Fred and I are in agreement....  the Doritos one was the hands down winner... and of course, it wasn't created by an ad agency...  it was a make your own ad contest winner.

Users 1.  Ad agencies 0.

I'd be curious to hear from agency folks on this one...  did they really think any of these were any good? 

Here are some random thoughts on the bunch...

Of course I was eyeing the Careerbuilder ones, and, well, they were sort of amusing, but really kind of heady, I think, for Joe Six Pack.  I mean, if you don't work in a cubicle, did you really relate to that commercial at all?  So it was like Office Survivor... I guess?

And what about those Toyota commercials.  So let's get this straight.  We go out to a canyon and contruct a huge and overelaborate track that just ends hanging over a cliff.  Then, we construct two huge metal doors halfway down the track... and see if this dude in a pickup truck can accellerate fast enough to make it through the closing doors, then brake hard enough not to go over the cliff.  If he fails on either part of the course, he'll die.

Are these people Bond villians, or what?

What else was there?  I vaguely remember some floating car parts.  Of course, there was GoDaddy...  was it me or was the GoDaddy chic not as hot as usual on that one?  I think that gag is getting a little tiresome.

The worst of the bunch?  Anything with a song was root canal painful...  the Garmin one, the Chevy song, Sheryl Crowe.   

I will hand it to K-Fed, though...   took a lot to totally make fun of himself like that. 

Hmm...   Jeez... I don't even remember half of them...    Some lame animal ones...  Gorillas, lions...   

I watched the game in Brooklyn with about a dozen people and we were all in agreement... worst superbowl for commercials ever.  Maybe the remakes on YouTube will be better.  Wait... I'm confused... YouTube has me voting for existing Superbowl commericals... weren't they having fans make their own versions or something?