Public market, where have you gone?

The market crashed or something yesterday.... or so I heard.

It really is amazing how far I've gotten away from paying attention to public markets.   I'm a finance guy by background, and when I was in college, I rode the boom and bust like everyone else. 

But, when I graduated in 2001 and took a job in the private equity group at GM, I started to get away from it... focusing more on pricing multiples when we were doing buyouts than anything else.  By the time I got to an early stage VC firm, what the public market did from day to day was just a distant memory. 

Now that I'm on the product side...  who knows.  I just toss the max amount allowable (hey, its pretax, why wouldn't you?) into my 401k, set it and forget it.   I don't really believe I can "beat the markets" so I allocate based on risk tolerance.  I guess as a homeowner I'm investing more in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn real estate than anything else at the moment.

Following the public market, to me, is a fulltime job, and I just don't have the time anymore.  I pop on TraderMike every now and then just to see what he's up to, but man, that's a lot to keep up with.  Not for me, not anymore.  Sorry markets...   I'm on autopilot.