Non-commerical use? Yeah, right....who's going to stop me?

There's a lot of talk out there about freemium, premium, etc...   but what about products where you have one market that gains real economic value from usage, and another market segment that you really want using it that gains none?   Can you offer the same exact product to two different classes of users and simply say that one group has to pay and the other gets it free, and expect no cheating?

That's what "Non commercial use only" implies.   There are many examples of software out there that you're supposed to pay for if you're a business, but if you're a person, you can get it for free.

The question is how to enforce that and how many users slip one past the goalie and get away with it?  Are most people honest?  How do you enforce that? 

There's a lot of open source stuff out there that works in this manner, and I'd be curious to see research or first hand accounts of management of this... and potential for "cheating".  I mean, are developers and users of open source code just a more respectful and sophisticated class of users? 

Could this work if MySpace adopted this model?  I think MySpace's issue is that the little guys, like my local pool hall, would be hardpressed to pay thousands of dollars for their page... but what if there was a way to set appropriate pricing... that they had to pay 5 bucks a month for their page.  Could you enforce that?