Charity Superbowl Wiki... not just for bloggers... Open to everyone now! Go check it out!

So, I'm a little bit disappointed we couldn't get a meme going out of the Charity Superbowl Wiki, but the momentum has slowed and I'm only up to 40 bloggers.  Right now, there's a CSS design post up at the top of the popular list.  I guess charity doesn't really get the blog world hot and bothered.

Maybe the combo of the wiki and paypal was a bit too technical for people?  I dunno.

So, I figured I could just push for 10, give everyone a free box, and call it a day.. but that would only give 500 bucks to charity.   

Instead, I'm going for broke and opening it up to anyone.  Still one box per person, but you can now sign up regardless if you have a blog or not.

So, seeing as how there are supposedly 970ish of you out there, I don't think its asking too much that 60 of you contribute a 10 spot to charity.

So, pick a charity, pick a box, and tell others!