Rant of the Day: Fridays with Falls

DailyIdea is a cool video blog run by some friends in Louisville.   One of their staff, Jason Falls, had a run-in with mall security and let 'em have it on their site.

Best quote:

"Interpersonal communications lies at the keystone of the consumer experience.  If applicants for jobs that interface with the public don't have that, don't hire them!

If you're interviewing someone for a low level job, here's a test.  Ask them this question:

"How are you?"

If they respond, "I'm fine, and you?" they're hired.

If they lapse into some saga about their ex-girlfriend, car trouble, or mild case of shingles, cut 'em loose.

"How are you?" is rhetorical.  No one cares how you are.  We just wanna know you're not a mouth breathing sociopath who's going to scare off our customers."

Here's the whole video:

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