#71 on the 2007 Silicon Alley 100! Sah-weet.

To be honest, it's just an honor to be nominated, but I won't lie...  It's pretty friggin' cool to be on Silicon Alley Insider's list of 100 "most influential folks in New York digital business".

And you know what else I'm really glad about?   That I'm so far down.   Clearly, the list is going to be a big learning exercise for a lot of the young Web 2.0 crowd who thinks that haven't a blog means having influence.  Get to know these people folks...   they're the men and women behind the curtain... the names you've never heard of.  They don't all show up at Meetups and they don't all blog, but they eat millions of dollars for breakfast.

My thoughts:

Biggest omission:  Jeremy Philips.  At 33, Jeremy is the "driving force" behind News Corp's reported interest in LinkedIn.  He's the EVP in the Office of the Chairman of News Corp.   Not even on the list.  Are you serious??  That's a big miss, guys.   Jason Rapp, by comparison, is #74 and he holds just about the same title that Phillips used to have as head of all internet acquisitions.

Should have been higher:  The Connected Ventures Team.  Their ability to consistently create properties that appeal to a youth audience, from CollegeHumor, BustedTees, to Vimeo is something that makes them all extremely valuable to big media companies.  Clearly, IAC isn't valuing that enough, as the boys are dropping like flies from that wacky looking building on the west side, but I'm sure someone else will.  Look for these guys to have very long and productive careers in digital media.  They deserve to be more than just one notch ahead of me.

Correction:  Path 101 is not "a social network/job site for college grads".  Here's the description from our site:

"Path 101 is a NYC-based startup company focused on career discovery on the web. The site helps everyone from college students to professionals in late-career transition figure out their next career steps using innovative analysis of publicly available resumes and profiles, community powered advice, and personality assessments. Job candidates can figure out what "people like me" are doing with their careers and the site aims to be the first stop for career research--a "pre-Monster.com".

Anyway...  in general, I think it's a really good job of capturing a lot of various different types of influencers.

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